Writing Tips


My Top 8 Tips

(10, was too predictable)

In no particular order (to coin an X factor phrase!!)


  1. Persevere. Writing is not easy and neither is getting published. It can be quite lonely and frustrating. But all the top authors had to keep pressing on towards their goal.
  2. Keep a notebook for interesting things you see/hear around you. Carry it with you wherever you go. Its amazing what can spark a storyline or inspire a title. Sometimes you’ll hear someone say something and you think ‘Oh I could use that for one of my characters.’
  3. Write every day: Even if its just keeping a diary or blog. It keeps you in practice. You may set yourself a word target – say, I will write 100 or 1000 words a day. Or you may set yourself a time target – say, I will write for 30 mins every day.
  4. Subscribe to a good writng magazine. I subscribe to Writer’s News and Writing Magazine. They are excellent, and lots of short story competitions to enter. (I came runner up once!)
  5. Find a time that’s good for you to write and try and get into a routine. (Ha! Easier said than done!) But some people work better in the morning, some in the evening. Find your good time. And give yourself a break regularly, especially if you write at the computer. Take up jogging or something foolish like that!
  6. Be serious about your writing but don’t be too hard on yourself! Hey we all have our alternative lives to lead outside of our ficticious worlds, unfortunately. And other things, like work, family, etc need us too.
  7. Plan carefully. there are many different ways to plan and it all depends on what you like best but do plan out your ideas. It will help to structure your writing.
  8. Get a good Thesaurus. somebody lovely bought me an electronic dictionary/thesaurus for my birthday. Its fab. I learn lots of new words and ways to express things.

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