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Angel Small

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Key Stage One Christmas Musical

Picture book available too!

Angel Small wants to join the Good News Party on Christmas Eve to take the news about Jesus to earth. But the other angels laugh and tell him he’s ‘too small.’ However, as they take off, he secretly follows. Along the way he meets Little Lamb and Donkey who, even though they are small, are going to meet King Jesus ! Finally the cockerel in the stable shows Angel Small where Jesus is. Angel Small is surprised to find out that King Jesus is a tiny baby. He is nervous too when Angel Gabriel finds out that he has tagged along! But Gabriel is not cross and the musical ends with Angel Small feeling special because King Jesus is only small too.

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  • downloadable Christmas Musical resource packs for schools and churches 
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Listen to some song samples below (more on the Angel Small website).

Buzz of Excitement

Bright Lights

Soaring Flying

The Rainboat

 Guess what this musical is about? Yep. It’s the story of Noah.

It’s funny and great fun to produce. I have personally put this on as a production in 2 schools with KS2. The children seemed to have a whale of a time and loved the songs. (At least that’s how it looked to me!) Great feedback from parents after the performances too.

It is a very simple script and the book comes with narration, full score and CD with singing on it and backing tracks. You can use a huge chorus of children or just a few. You can make it a grand production with props, costumes etc or just use as a cantata with some narration.

“We thoroughly enjoyed singing the songs and acting out the story with narration. Thank you for sharing your work with others.” Brenda Davies, Barwell School, Leicestershire – about ‘The Rainboat’
I offer my services in the production any of my musicals. See Book Me page.

The Rainboat is published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd. You can order a copy by clicking on the links  or get in touch with me. You can also buy it from too or Amazon

Go Grace Darling!

An unlikely heroine!

Unwanted fame!

World famous in her time!


 I dont want to be a hero

On the Forfarshire

An exciting musical for KS2 or 3 about the Victorian heroine Grace Darling. Hers is a story of immense courage and unwanted fame. There are nail biting moments when Grace rows out to rescue the survivors of a shipwreck. And funny moments when Grace has to fend off unwanted suitors! This story  is part of the KS2 History curriculum on Victorians.

Higher Failsworth Primary School in Oldham gave the debut performance. Rebecca Eade, music coordinator, says:

‘The songs are absolutely fantastic and my class are good singers, so they did your songs justice.  It worked really well because it tells the story in a simple, clear way which the audience is able to follow, that doesn’t always happen with scripts!  It certainly proved a hit at our school.’

The Musical is awaiting commercial publication but to use it in the meantime will cost only £20, which includes full script, backing tracks and vocal tracks, and full score.

Contact me for score, script and backing tracks.  See Contact me page

School for Angels

This is a great twist on the retelling of the nativity story. Three little angels are trying to earn their wings at angel school. They must pay attention and remember the Nativity story. They are cheeky and keep getting into trouble whilst still managing to find out what happened that first Christmas.
This is definitely a production for KS2 as there are lots of parts to learn. Great songs with solo parts accompany this production. Karen Brookes and myself put this production on with years 4 to 7 one Christmas and it was a huge success.
Although this musical has not yet been snapped up by a publisher, I have piano music, guitar chords, and script available for anyone who would be interested. I would be happy to offer my services in the producion of the musical or to play/direct the music too.

See Contact me page

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