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Brand NEW for 2016

What would you do, if three time travelling knights appeared in your garden shed? And what would you do if they … er …well…. (best be polite in the blurb) … passed wind    A LOT!

Jack takes them to school, where the three knights, Sir Trumpsalot, Sir Gaseehad and Sir Windibot get up to some seriously silly medieval mischief. But the worst happens when they overhear the head teacher talking to the Great Myster-eeeeey.

 A dragon is heading for the school!

‘Fear not!’ cry the knights. ‘We will SLAY the dragon!’

But the dragon is NOT what they were expecting. Can the trumping knights save the school? Or will things go horribly hilariously wrong?

Age Range: 6 – 11

Price £5.99

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‘If you come any closer you will end up 100% dead!’

This is how Chas greets Si the first time she meets him. But a series of events propels them together in a race to escape the Rulers. However, Chas has a reason to get up close to their pursuers. Why? Find out in this Dystopian novel for teens, set in 2066 in England. Things are about to change….

Age range: 11 – adult

Download from Amazon £1.99 Please leave a review on Amazon if you love the book!

Angel Small Cover ImageAngel Small Follows the Star

There’s a buzz of excitement in heaven …

Karen has teamed up with the exceptionally talented illustrator, Gill Mclean, to produce these delightful Christmas picture books for 3 – 6 year olds. To look inside the book, and order a copy, follow this link to the Monkey Island website, by clicking on the book covers. There is also a musical to go with the book for Key Stage 1 children to perform at Christmas. You can also find that by using the links above.

Price: £5.99

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Ellie and Lucy are back!

… for another rip roaring adventure in the Fairy World.

Gabriella has been kidnapped by the evil Maleaver and Queen Hermia calls on Ellie and Lucy to join the rescue party. There are complications however when Nikki Walters, the school bully, accidentally follows them to the Fairy World and ends up helping their enemies.

Ellie and Lucy work with some new characters, through some exciting twists and turns to try to rescue Gabriella and save the kingdom of Elysia once again.

Age range: 5 – 10

Buy Now  Price £5.99

 Who believes in fairies?

Certainly not Ellie – tomboy, karate kid and best under eleven goalie in town!

However, when Ellie’s brother finds a half dead fairy in their garden, Ellie has to believe. She teams up with fairy expert – Lucy, and together they begin an adventure to help the fairy, who has lost her memory and her powers. They find themselves caught up in a dangerous quest to rescue the Queen and Prince and save the kingdom of Elysia.

A powerful friendship grows between Ellie, Lucy and the fairy. But is it strong enough to overcome the evil forces that threaten the fairy kingdom?

Age range 5 – 10.


Buy Now Price: £5.99.

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You think this book is just another silly fairy tale, don’t you? But this is no fairy tale, this is my life.

Lou and her sister Nat wake up one morning to the shock that their Dad is leaving them to live with another woman. But who is she? What will she be like? Lou’s friend, Zoe, keeps going on about wicked stepmothers. Lou’s Mum is convinced the woman is no good. But Eve, Dad’s new partner, seems pleasant enough. When things take a turn for the worse Lou has to discover the truth about Eve, as well as a revealing truth about someone else in her family.

A poignant tale of family break up, love and pain, but ultimately the power of kindness and forgiveness.

Age range: 8 – 13


Buy Now  Price £5.99

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