About Me


So, here’s where I tell you a bit about me.

I was born in Newcastle in 1969, but I now live near York. I love the North East and come ‘home’ regularly but ‘down south’ in Yorkshire is great too. I’ve got two children, Rachael and Jack. I am  married  to my lovely husband Ian. You may bump into him if you come to one of my book signings. He’s the one giving away bookmarks.

I love reading (of course), singing, sleeping, writing songs, playing the piano, eating crisps, chocolate and indian food. I love running (good job, after all that food!). I love being with my friends and family. I love going to church because I love Jesus. Oh yes and I really love writing stories! I love lots of things!

One day I’d like to live in Northumberland in my favourite place – Bamburgh – by the sea …. with my imaginary dog! He/she will be able to change into any kind of dog I want and be called all sorts of different names. She will have any personality I chose, depending on my mood and he will never shed any hairs around my house. Hmmm maybe I should write a story about that!

How did I start writing stories?

I started to love story writing when I was a child. I came runner-up in a WHSmith competition when I was 10 with a story about Betty Bubble being rescued from the evil Percival Plughole!

What about song writing?

I also have a passion for song writing, hence my musicals. I wrote my first song age 11 having taught myself 3 chords on the guitar. Can’t play many more these days!
‘I do play the piano much better than the guitar though, which helps with the composing.’

Who are your favourite authors?

Children’s authors are Michael Morpurgo, Michelle Magorian, Jeremy Strong and Jacqueline Wilson. I do read adult books too and my favourites change a lot, but I’ve really enjoyed Candace Robb, who writes medieval murder mysteries set in York and Edinburgh.

Who are your favourite singers/songwriters?

I love Natasha Bedingfield as a singer and songwriter. Kate Rusby is also fantastic. Had my picture taken with her! I like Snow Patrol, Alanis Morisette, Avril Lavigne, Eddie Reader, Ray Lamontagne, Tim Hughes and Will Young – mainly his ballads.

Anything else you want to know? Email me. I’ll answer most things!

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