Welcome to the homepage of York author and songwriter, Karen Langtree.

 Karen writes books for children from ages 3 up to young adults.

She also writes musical for schools to perform, including the fabulous Angel Small Nativity.


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Some reviews of My Wicked Stepmother

‘Karen knows how children think and talk, and in Louise, her 14-year-old heroine, she has created an authentic teenage girl: obsessed with hair, boys and her diary, occasionally stroppy, and desperately insecure.’

Stephen Lewis, York Press


‘I ordered your book on-line and it came today, so after tea I read it cover to cover! It’s brilliant! I know my class would love it!’

Lynda Spencer – year 6 teacher

‘Now, if you’re not quite so into mystery or humour and you prefer family drama, you will love Karen Langtree. For fans of Jacqueline Wilson (like me!) who have read and re-read all of her books, you will love Karen! I am going to tell you about one of her books, My Wicked Stepmother. It is all about a girl called Louise who has to deal with her Mum and Dad divorcing. She has to learn to cope with Dad’s new bride, Eve. One of my favourite parts of the story is the letter, supposedly sent from Eve. I won’t say anymore, though, for those of you who might read and buy her book! It has a good twist that makes you unable to put it down for even a second!!

Member’s report (from the Wychwood Literary Festival), The Guardian


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Some reviews of Fairy Rescuers

An enchanting tale which opens up the fantasy genre to a group of children who may not have felt inclined to read a book about fairies, but find themselves following a very believable heroine into a most unusual adventure.

Andrew Spencer, Deputy head teacher

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I bought your book today in Borders and I loved it! I thought it was so life like and real, almost like a Jacqueline Wilson book. It was like looking into Lou’s head, it was so descriptive and interesting. I enjoyed the twist at the end, and how the ending was so different from what I imagined.

Laura Harris